Weight Loss  is Essential for Good Health

Energy Efficiency is Essential for Sustainability


We are an innovative company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada (just north of Toronto). Our experience is built on the shoulders of Canadian utility expertise  and our enthusiasm on the aspirations of young people globally.  We firmly believe that conservation does not mean lower quality of life or sacrifices, but rather wise choices for one's own use and the greater good of this planet.

The solutions  we offer truly benefits all customer segments. High consumption, long hours of use and high electricity tariffs makes the business case very attractive with 1-3 year payback.  We think of small differentiated details from the global customer's perspective. Typically Lighting, HVAC-R and Demand Management are the "low hanging fruits".

This EE focus has brought opportunities in Rural Off-Grid systems, Micro-grid  as well as in Hybrid Energy Storage applications.