Our Approach

Non-traditional partnership channels offer best business prospects and ideas.  We scout the world for such best technology partnerships. Often, small is beautiful.

Rural Development:

  • Micro/Nano/Pico Grids
  • Off-Grid Hybrid Power Supply 
  • Solar Agro Processing Systems
  • Mobile Irrigation Pump-sets
  • Rural Home Appliances

Basic Necessities Beyond Light Bulbs

Biosirus Inc.

Energy Conservation Solutions

We are an innovative Canadian company that offers quality products and services to save your energy bill .  We think of small differentiated details from the global the global customer's perspective.

Energy Efficiency:
  • LED & Induction Lighting
  • HVAC-R Energy Saving Controller
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • Ultra Efficient Split A/C System
  • Load Management Systems 

Industrial, Commercial, Municipal

Advisory Services:

  • Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Micro-grids
  • Climate Change,  Resiliency 
  • Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Research & Product Development

In-depth Knowledge of Power Systems

Waste to Energy : 
  • Food Waste to Biogas
  • ​Biomass to Heat
  • ​Municipal Waste to Heat 

Thermal, Electrical, Biogas