Demand Controlled Ventilation System

Real-Time CO2 Feedback Control to Air Handling Unit Dampers

  • Variable Occupancy Energy Savings
  • Over-ventilation Energy Savings

Ultra Efficient Split A/C Systems

Residential, Commercial, Institutional

  • With Solar PV ; Solar Thermal; Grid Tied or Off-Grid
  • High EER > 14.5 (BTU/h/W), >5.3 (W/W); Efficient DC Compressor

Ultra Efficient Refrigerators / Freezers

Residential, Rural

  • With Solar PV; Grid-Tied or Off-Grid; AC or DC Systems
  • Ultra Efficient DC Compressor; Input Power 70-110 Watts

HVAC-R Energy Saving Controller

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Municipal

  • Dynamically analyses compressor operation
  • Does not violate thermostat setting

Wi-Fi Enabled HVAC-R Sensors

Residential, Commercial, Institutional

  • Significant reduction in wiring
  • Wi-Fi to Cloud/Internet/Wire/BACnet/Local AHUs