Ultra Efficient Small Cooking Stoves

Superconducting + Infrared Electric (100W-1400W)

Biomass - Rural, Outdoors

  • Up to 20,000 BTU/h ; Uses wood twigs/other bio materials
  • Off-Grid ; 3 V DC  power supply

Why LVDC or Hybrid

Rural Energy Solutions

  • Low Energy Footprint; High Efficiency; Low "dynamic" start features
  • Rural home comforts (Small Fans/Fridge/Stoves/Heater)
  • Rural Economic Development (Agro-processing, Merchant Services)

Ultra Eff. Refrigerators / Freezers / A-C

Residential, Rural

  • With Solar PV; Grid-Tied or Off-Grid; AC or DC Systems
  • Ultra Efficient DC Compressor; Input Power 70-110 Watts

Micro/Nano/Pico Grid Controller

Residential, Small Commercial

  • 1.2 KW; 4 x 300W DC inputs (15V-48V DC)-  Solar, Wind, Battery
  • 2 AC Outputs (120V/240V AC); Grid-Tie or Off-Grid